Corrections of the lineage of 
Rev. Charles Green Clay

  First Generation

John Clay m. Elizabeth, possibly Frame

a.     Charles Clay b.1638, Charles City Co., Va. M. 1667 Hannah Wilson, b. 1642 Henrico Co., Va. Daughter of John Wilson. Charles d. 1686. Charles son of John Clay and Elizabeth, possibly Frame, who later married a John Wall, and John Tate. In a deed of gift from Oct. 3, 1660, John Wall gives to his son-in-law (step-son) Charles Clay, 2 ewes, (Congressional Library, Washington, D.C., Virginia County Records, Vol. 2, p. 78 and 245.      


1.     Henry Clay b. 1672  

2.     Mary Clay b. 1664

3.     Elizabeth Clay b.1666

4.     John Clay b.1668 d. 1722

5.     Thomas Clay b.1670

6.     Charles Clay b. 1674

7.     Judith Clay b. 1778

Green Clay manuscript, Clay Family Quarterlies, Robert Young Clay shared data.

  Second Generation

Henry Clay b.1672 in Henrico Co., Va., M. 1708,Mary Mitchell, b. Jan. 1693, Chesterfield Co., Va., Daughter of William and Elizabeth Mitchell. Henry, Died Aug. 3,1760 of the Nattles during an annual Birthday dinner given for his family. He was buried on his farm near Swift Creek, now near Manchester High School. His head and footstone were moved a quarter mile west of the original location, now surrounded by a wrought iron fence with a marker placed by the DAR. He was a follower of Bacon during the Rebellion.


1.William Mitchell Clay b. 1710

2.     Henry Clay b. 1711

3.     Charles Clay b. Jan 31, 1715

4.     John Clay b.  1718

5.     Amey Clay

6.     Mary Clay

7.     Martha Clay

Will of Henry Clay, probated Sept. 1760 Chesterfield Co. Court named wife and children. Green Clay Manuscript.

  Third Generation

Charles Clay b. Jan. 31, 1715 in Powhatan Co., VA. M. 11 Nov. 1741 Martha Green, daughter of Thomas Green the 3rd and his wife Elizabeth Marston. Charles signed a will on Oct 28 1788 in Powhatan Co., VA.  Will Book 1, pp. 173-174  He died on Feb 25 1789 in Powhatan Co., VA. He had an estate probated on Jul 16 1789 Powhatan Co., VA. Martha was appointed executor of
Charles' estate.


1.     Mary Clay b. Sept. 22, 1742 m. Stephen Lockett

2.     Eleazer Clay b. Aug. 4, 1744

3.     Rev. Charles Green Clay b. Dec.24, 1745

4.     Henry Clay b. Mar.5 1748, d. 1777 in Trenton, NJ

5.     Thomas Clay b. July 30, 1750

6.     Elizabeth Clay b. April 20, 1752 m. Alexander Murray

7.     Lucy Clay b. April 20, 1752 m. William Thaxton

8.     Matthew Clay b. Mar 25, 1754

9.     Green Clay b. Aug 14, 1757

10.  Pricilla Clay b. April 30, 1759

11.  Martha Clay b. July 13, 1761

Bible records of Eleazer Clay family, Green Clay manuscript. Genealogy of the Clays’ by Mary Rogers Clay.

Fourth Generation

Rev. Charles Green Clay, b. Dec. 24th 1745, Powhatan, Va., M. July 4th 1796, for the only time, Editha Landon Davies, daughter of Henry Landon Davies and his wife Anne Whiting Clayton, daughter of John Clayton Jr., granddaughter of John Clayton the Botanist of Gloucester Co., Va. She was b. April 17, 1777, was 19 years old and he was 51 years old when they married in Bedford Co., Va.

Rev. Clay, died Feb. 8, 1820, at his home Petty Grove, now known as Ivy Hill golf course, Editha died June 3 1838. They are both buried at Ivy Hill, between the 6th and 7th fairway on the golf course, near the site where their home was.

Clay was an Episcopalian minister, ordained by Richard Terrick, Bishop of London, in 1769, he served St. Anne’s Parish from 1769-1784. Rev. Clay’s grave is covered by a huge pile of rocks, measuring at one time 20 ft. x 12 ft x 12 ft high. Legend has it that he asked each of his sons to put a rock on his grave for each sin they had committed that he did not know about, those boys must have been some handful, it took 100 wagon loads of rock to make that pile.

Another legend is that Clay was of questionable character, and was afraid the devil would get him, so he asked that his grave be covered with the rocks. I really doubt that, being a minister, and knowing where the devil came from, he would want the rocks holding him down. The real reason is that he did not want a road crossing over his grave and figured that it would be easier to go around than over that pile of stone.


1.     Cyrus Boyle Clay b. May 10 1797, d. Sept. 8 1820 in Lynchburg, Va., he was buried at Ivy Hill, his stone reads: In memory of Cyrus B. Clay, who died 8 Sept. 1820, age 23 years, 4 months, “to know him was but to love and respect him.”

2.     Junius Axel Clay b. 25 Mar 1799, Bedford Co., Va. M. Dec 1820 to Elizabeth Cobbs. They had no children of their own, but nieces and nephews lived with them. She died 1882, he died 1884, Buckingham Co., Va.

3.     Odin Green Clay b. May 5 1800 Bedford Co., Va. M. Oct 1822 to his cousin Anne Clayton Davies. He was first president of the Virginia Tennessee Railroad, a representative of Campbell Co., Va., elected to the Board of Public Works, a General in the home militia. Anne died in 1848 and Odin died in 1883, both are buried in the family cemetery at Rosemund, on a hill “above the mill.”


       1. Cyrus Boyle Clay b. May 10, 1823

   2. Editha Davies Clay b. 1827 d. young

                     3. Dewitt Clinton Clay b.1829

       4. Catherine Clay b.1832 d. young

5.     Anne Elizabeth Clay b. 1833 m. Francis Thornton In 1872, they had one child Miles K. Thornton b. 1873

6.     Samuel Boyle Clay b.1831 m. Nanny Henry Hooper, From Buckingham Co., Va., they had 3 children,

a.     Catherine “Kitty” Clay b. April 7, 1860, m. James Matthew Cabaniss b. 1840 d.1907 in Mt. Airy, NC, they had one daughter,

1.Sara Belle Cabaniss b. Sept 29 1892, Sara married Dr. Edward Clayton Ashby, born Nov. 5, 1890. They had two sons

1.Edward Clayton Ashby 3rd b.  Sept 19. 1923, he married Susan Anne Pendleton, 27 March 1946.

They had two children,

1.     Sarah Catherine Ashby born November 9, 1950 she married Donald Francis Phillips on Oct.28th, 1978. Sara has supplied all the information submitted on the family of “Kitty” and James Cabaniss.

2.     Edward Clayton Ashby 3rd b. August 20, 1953, he married Elizabeth Lovell in 1974, they have 2 sons, he married Faith Leigh Halso, May 17, 1997.

1.Edward Clayton Ashby 4th b. May 5, 1975.

2.William Joseph Ashby b. March 31, 1976, m. Terri Tysinger and they have a son

1.     William Clay Ashby b.1998

2.William Clay Ashby b. Jan 10, 1926, d. Mar.1, 1951. M. Helen Hennis, had one child

       1.Ellen Elizabeth Ashby b. Feb. 14, 1951.

7.Junius Paul Clay b.1835 d.1879 unmarried, buried above the Mill.

8.Charles Henry Clay b.1836

9.Calhoun Green Clay b. 1840 d. May 1864 at Spotsylvania Ct. House, Va. CSA

10.Charles Clay b. 1826 d. 1826

Most of this family is buried above the Mill in the old cemetery that has been destroyed by the family that now owns the property, in order to build their home on the site. Gravestones are under a doghouse, others have been knocked over and more stones have been removed to unknown places.

Bible records of Junius Clay, Editha L. D. Clay Thornton Pugh, letters, records of Sara Ashby Phillips, Church Records of St. Stephens, Forest, Va. Bedford County Court records, Campbell County Court Records, Lynchburg newspapers on file at Jones Memorial Library, Duiguid Funeral records.

Fifth Generation

4.Paul Aurelius Clay b Oct 11, 1807 Petty Grove, Bedford Co., Va., son of Rev. Chas. Green Clay and Editha Davies, m.  Dec 1, 1837, Mary Louisa Watkins, daughter of Edward O. Watkins, and his wife Harriet Tabb Trevillian. Mary Louisa was born Sept 9, 1820 in Chesterfield Co., VA, at Presqu’isle, now a wildlife refuge. She died July 16, 1855, and is buried in the Petty Grove cemetery. Her stone reads “ A dutiful daughter, a dedicated wife, an affectionate mother, a kind neighbor” In a story recounted by her daughter Mary Ann Elizabeth, “Nanny”, Mary Louisa loved to ride her horses and would teach her children, when quite young, to ride. She would have the child lifted to her telling them “do not be afraid little one, hang on to me.”

When Paul and Mary Louisa married, he was Captain in the home militia, in later years the title of Colonel was bestowed upon him. He was never a minister or served in the Civil War, as some publications have stated.

Paul and Mary had 8 children, 2 sons and 6 daughters. All of the children except the last 2 were born in Chesterfield Co. VA.


1.Charles Edward Clay b. Nov. 18, 1838 at Bermuda Hundred, Chesterfield Co., Va.

2.Harriet Trevillian Clay b. April 28, 1840

m. May 19, 1870 George Anthony of Gainsville, TX. Harriet died of Yellow Fever Oct.27, 1873

3. Alice Watkins Clay b. Mar 20, 1842 m. Oct. 13, 1869, William Royal Claiborne, b. May 7, 1836, Amherst Co., Va. He was the son of William Stirling and Cornelia Roane Claiborne. W.R. was a Capt. In the CSA, he died 1899 in Lynchburg, Va., Alice died post 1911, and they are buried at Springhill Cemetery in Lynchburg, Va. Children:

1.     William Stirling Claiborne b. Dec 11, 1872

2.     Thomas Aurelius Claiborne b. Dec 2, 1875 m. Lucy Reed they had 3 children.

3.     James Alexander Claiborne, b.1877 d. 1897

4.     Mary Roane Claiborne m. John Gaynor Claiborne, a cousin from Danville, VA.

5.     Charles Robert Claiborne b. Mar 2, 1877 m. Mary Shinn, they had 3 children.  

4.     Editha Davies Clay b.Feb.7 1845 m. (1) Henry Clay    Thornton May 18, 1864, in Buckingham Co., Va., he died June 1865 in Buckingham Co., Va., several weeks after their son was born. Issue:

1.     Henry Clay Thornton Jr. b. 9 June 1865 Buckingham Co., Va.

Editha married 2nd. Ezekiel Henry Pugh June 20, 1870. She died Feb. 2, 1897, he died Aug 22, 1889, and they are both buried at the Wheeler-Jennings cemetery in Appomattox Co., near the Charlotte Co., line. They had the following children:

    1.Charles Pugh b. 1872, d. young

2.     Infant Pugh, d. at birth

3.     Inez Watkins Pugh b. Sept 1, 1873 d. 1878

4.     Sallie Banks Pugh b.19 Oct 1875, m. 2 Jan. 1898, Nollie L. Adams. They had 8 children

                                                                                                                                               i.      Imogene Adams b. 1904 d. 2001

                                                                                                                                            ii.      Ruby Adams b. 1910

5.Martha Jane “Mattie” Pugh b. 3 Sept 1877, m. Aug 28 1895, Willie Bailey, they had 8 children:

i.                 Henry Pugh Bailey b. June 16,1896

ii.              Yancey Elam Bailey b. 1896, twin to Henry, married Lottie Holman Dec. 1. 1917, they had one child:

1.     Thomas Jordan Bailey b. Aug. 28, 1925, m. Nancy Kate Agee ca. 1948, 5 children:

1.Nancy Katherine Bailey b. Oct.1950 m. Thomas Clark, they have one son:

       1.Chris Clark

2.Barbara Jane Bailey b.1952

3.Thomas Jordan Bailey b. 1954

4.Judith Ann Bailey b. 1957

5. William Garland Bailey, b.1964

iii.          Grace Hannah Bailey b. 1902 d. 1902

iv.              Samuel Russell Bailey b. 1900

v.                 Grace Hannah Bailey b.1904

vi.              Maud Mallory Bailey b. 1906

vii.          John Blanton Bailey b. 1910

6. Inez Trevillian Pugh b. 24 June 1881 m. Mar   22,1905 to Willy Pugh.

7. Maude Anthony Pugh b. May 10 1883

8. Editha Hannah Pugh b. 8 Nov. 1884 m. Dec 24, 1903 Charles F. Glen

9. Erma Henry Pugh b. Dec 7, 1886, never married.

5.Mary Ann Elizabeth “Nannie” Clay b. Jan. 20,1847

m. John Raven Steel, in Cheyenne, Wyoming Jan 26,1881 he died 1891 of fever in Ill. She died Jan 30,1940, Cheyenne, Wyo. She was truly a pioneer of Wyoming. She and her father Paul went to Cheyenne in 1876; there were only 12 trees in the entire town.

5.     Sallie Osborne Clay b. 29 April 1850.

6.     Margaret Wells Clay b. June 21, 1852 d.19 June 1853, she is also buried at Petty Grove (Now Ivy Hill Golf course.)

7.     Willy Shelton Clay, name later changed to William Landon Clay, b. Mar 28, 1855, Petty Grove, Bedford Co. Va. M.  Nov. 8, 1898 in Richmond, Va. To Annie Trotter. Willie died July 18, 1834 in Cheyenne, is buried in Evanston, Wyoming cemetery, in the Masonic section. Willy and Anna had no children.  

Sixth Generation

Charles Edward Clay was born in Chesterfield Co., in November 1838, he was a member of the 2nd Va. Cavalry during the Civil War, he was captured 3 times and escaped 3 times. Right after the War Charles went to Ft. Laramie, Wyoming, as a suttler’s clerk for Seth Ward and William G. Bullock, friends of his father from Virginia. He worked for a while at Ft. Laramie, then began his own freighting company and hauled freight for the government for years between all the Wyoming forts and into Nebraska, and South Dakota. He was a member of Wyoming’s first Legislature, a Probate Judge in Converse County, one of the founding fathers of Douglas, Wyoming, Rock Creek, gave the first 300 volumes of books to the University of Wyoming to start their library, and he was well known by all of Wyoming’s Pioneers.

  In about 1866, Charles married Fingernail Woman by Indian custom. The white men with Indian wives were protected from being burned out or their livestock taken. This marriage was not a happy one, Fingernail Woman left many times to go back to her people and for the last time in 1876 shortly after Custer’s battle, she went possibly first to the Red Cloud Agency at Ft. Robinson, Nebraska, then to Pine Ridge Reservation, leaving her children behind. They had 4 children

1.     Hattie Clay b. 6 Mar 1868 near Chugwater, Wyoming, d. 30 April 1880 in Cheyenne, Wyo., of consumption. She is buried in the family plot at Lakeview Cemetery lot 23.

2.     Johnnie Clay b. Oct. 4, 1870, near Chugwater, Wyo., d. 29 June 1875, 5 years, 8 months, 25 days, buried lot 23 Lakeview, Cheyenne, Wyo.

3.     Susie Clay b. 1871

4.     Emma B. Clay b.28 Feb. 1875

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