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Due to the present conditions with the US Postal Service,  we are regretfully suspending mailing of the Clay Newsletter until further notice. Please copy from the internet and share with family and friends, libraries, ect.

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With great pleasure we welcomed Bryan into our world during the holidays (December 25, 2001).

Great-Great grandmother is June Ryan
Great Grandmother is Gynger Cook
Grandfather is Allen Cook
Parents are Mischelle and Brendan.





Clay family members met at the location of John Clays’ 1635 patent on the James River in Prince George Co., Virginia.

We all met at the old church at Jamestown where our cousin Steven Smith told us about the old church and some of the features on the Island. Steve is a great historian and excellent source of knowledge. He takes people on history cruise classes on the James River. If you are interested in contacting Steve about one of his classes, or the College of the Henricus, you can contact him at 5013 Hickory Sign Post Rd., Williamsburg, Va. 23185.  Also for those interested, Steve also has a window insulation business, and has done many of the buildings in Historic Williamsburg. We would like to thank Steve for all his help in making the Clay and the property visit possible. Thank you Steve!!

Steven Smith 2001





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