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Clay Cemeteries


Clay Family Cemeteries Continued..

 All cemetery research , done by Gynger Cook, between 1962-2001, unless noted

Mitchell Clay; Revolutionary War patriot and the first settler of present day Mercer County, WV; at Henrico Co., VA; married Phoebe Belcher at Franklin, Franklin Co., VA; died April, 1811 at Giles Co., VA.

Mitchell and his family were buried in a little cemetery in Pearisburg, Giles County, Virginia. The farm on which the marker rests formerly belonged to Edward Cooper of Bramwell. The Celanese Corporation later acquired the land where the cemetery was located. About March or April 1985,the Celanese Corporation had the graves removed  to the Birchlawn Memorial Park in Pearisburg, there were 15 graves moved. Only Mitchell Clay's was marked. The old stone from Mitchell Clay's grave was given to the Giles County Chapter of the Genealogical Society and is stored in the society's building at Pearisburg. The new foot type monument, is bronze, measures 72" by 32" and was furnished by the Celanese Plant. The George Pearis Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution in Giles County had the marker erected.

Solomon Clay Family of Flat Creek Township, Mo., New Bethel Cemetery

Clay, Sarah Mother, b. Dec 30 1821, d. Nov 6 1886
Clay, Solomon
Father, b. June 1 1817, d. Sherman Texas May 10 1876, 
Clay, George W.,
b. Aug 31 1846, d. June 11 1906,
Clay, Mary,
b. Feb 15 1848,
Clay, Richard L.,
b. Feb 14 1853, d. Mar 26 1905,
Clay, Robert C.,
b. June 19 1855,
Clay, Sarah L.,
b. Feb 22 1857

Hampton National Cemetery, Hampton, Virginia

Clay, John E., b. Feb 19 1859, d. Dec 21 1904Clay, Esters, b. 01/16/1911, d. 12/10/1997, US Army, TEC5, Plot: A-P 0 11164E, bur. 12/15/1997
Clay, Esters, b. 01/16/1911, d. 12/10/1997, US Army, TEC5, Res: Hampton, VA, Plot: A-P 0 11164E, bur. 12/15/1997
Clay, Forrest Pierce, b. 07/17/1907, d. 09/11/1968, US Army, TEC 5, Res: Hampton, VA, Plot: D 0 8882, bur. 09/18/1968
Clay, Harry E, d. 08/11/1939, US Army, PVT, Plot: G 0 95, bur. 08/14/1939
Clay, Henry, d. 03/21/1864, Plot: A 0 3531, bur. 03/21/1864
Clay, Hercules, d. 10/01/1864, US Army, MAJ, Plot: C 0 1874, bur. 10/01/1864
Clay, J B, d. 06/23/1864, Plot: E 0 451, bur. 06/23/1864
Clay, J, d. 10/10/1864, B 2 US, 10 10 1864, Plot: 1388, *
Clay, K, d. 10/01/1864, H 8 USCT, Org Bur Portsmith Cem Va, Plot: 1874, *
Clay, Narcissia, b. 02/11/1902, d. 06/30/1966, US Army, PVT, Res: Hampton, VA, Plot: A-P 0 11164E, bur. 07/05/1966
Clay, Royal, b. 04/17/1895, d. 02/28/1964, Res: Hampton, VA, Plot: F 0 7187, bur. 03/04/1964

Pine Bluff Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery, Blount Co. Alabama

Clay, Alvin E, b. 1/13/26, d. 10/12/51, GM3 U.S. Navy World War II
Clay, Frank L, b. 4/17/14, d. 5/29/44, Ala. PFC 168 Inf., 34 Inf. Div. World War II
Clay, Lillie Mae, b. 5/28/1890, d. 7/20/68
Clay, Henry, b. 4/5/1883, d. 6/3/54
Clay, James H, b. 7/7/24, d. 9/9/76, PFC. U.S. Army World War II






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